In school, we follow the Nelson Comprehension scheme to ensure consistency in teaching and learning for all our children.


Nelson Comprehension provides step-by-step teaching of key comprehension skills for Years 1–6. It is fully matched to the latest UK curricula and assessments.

Uses a clear layout with colour-coded questions covering literal comprehensionvocabulary, and higher-order skills such as inference and deduction

Provides differentiated worksheets that offer both support for pupils and extra challenge and stretch for high-achievers

Includes practice reading tests for Years 2, 4 and 6 to help monitor progress and prepare children for national tests.


Reading Partnerships

Here at Springwood Heath, we have very positive reading links in our community and further afield.

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Links to Reading Websites

Learning the letters in the alphabet



BBC Bedtime Stories – Join a host of different celebrities for a different story read each night before bedtime.





Helping your child to  learn to read at home

Find top tips and fun ideas to help you support your child’s learning at home 




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